The media track provides students with analytical frameworks to understand the complex system of mediated communication central to our globalizing world.  It gives students an understanding of media as an immense force, its institutional operations, its role in society and its shifting terrain as technologies merge and transform.

Additionally, across classes students acquire skills in analyzing aesthetic and narrative components of media.  In film studies courses students explore different genre conventions, national cinemas and directorial styles in fiction and documentary.

In media production classes students create work in photography, video and radio for online dissemination, and gain skills in visual and sound production, editing and website development.

The media track provides students with exposure to a broad range of artistic work, showcases national and international media, and helps students create their own evaluation of the film and media canon.

Students have attained media internships at ESPN, NBC, the Lyric Opera and many other media and artistic outlets.

Common minors that media majors consider are Graphic Design, Journalism, Marketing, Women and Gender Studies, and Sociology.

WCGR Radio and Television Station

WCGR is Concordia University's student-led radio and television station.

At WCGR Radio Station, students get hands-on experience and training with audio equipment by actually hosting their own radio show. Students can also get professional managerial experience by managing live shows. WCGR radio is constantly streaming, with student-hosted radio shows occurring every night.

At WCGR-TV, students get hands-on experience and training with audio and video equipment by producing their own short films. WCGR TV students have conducted a variety of interviews, including a Chicago Cubs announcer, an ABC News Producer, and a voice actor for the Judge Mathias Show. WCGR News is a studio based news show that includes location news stories created by student reporters and crew. Check out WCGR News on YouTube.


COM 2200 Introduction to Film Studies*
COM 2500 Global Documentary*
COM 4450/4451 WCGR Practicum I or II (3 credits)
COM 2300 Interpersonal Communication*
COM 2850 Media Literacy*
COM 4000 Communication Research & Writing
COM 4980 Senior Project
COM 4990 Internship (3 credits applied)


Media Studies
COM 3350 Television Culture
COM 3640 Film Genres
COM 3650 Film Directors
COM 3660 National Cinema
COM 4100 Media & Cultural Studies
COM 4331 International Film History
COM 4340 Gender & Sexuality in the Media
COM 2400 Public Relations
COM 4260 Event Planning & Management
COM 3200 Business Communication
COM 4880 Independent Research

Media Production
COM 4310 Radio Broadcasting I
COM 4311 Radio Broadcasting II
COM 4360 Media Production I
COM 4361 Media Production II
COM 4364 Broadcast News Production
COM 4365 Scriptwriting

*Fulfills Gen Ed Requirement