Marketing majors at Concordia University Chicago nurture the ability to communicate effectively and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This includes thinking creatively, a willingness to take risks, leadership skills, openness to new ideas, and the knowledge to critically evaluate opportunity and innovation.

Concordia-Chicago Marketing Degree Overview

We offers two marketing degrees: a bachelor of arts in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and a bachelor of science in business administration with emphasis in marketing. Both the bachelor of arts and the bachelor of science options prepare students for an exciting career in a dynamic field. Graduates with marketing degrees find jobs as brand and product managers, marketing and sales executives, analysts, research executives and more.

Our rigorous but flexible degree programs build students’ critical knowledge of business and business issues. Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded learning experience by using the latest technology and engaging students with real-world business scenarios and hands-on learning exercises.

Marketing Course Information

The bachelor of arts in marketing degree, which requires 48 semester hours of study, is for students who want a broad liberal arts foundation with an emphasis in business. The bachelor of science degree, with more depth in the business curriculum, requires 57 semester hours of study. If you have questions, a counselor with our Office of Admission can help as you decide on the Concordia degree program that best matches your strengths and career interests.

Students in both degree tracks take required courses in:

  • accounting
  • economics
  • statistics
  • management
  • information technology
  • ethics
  • finance
  • consumer behavior
  • advertising
  • marketing

Students working toward a bachelor of science degree will be able to select electives from courses such as advanced business law, global marketing, new product development and retailing.

For more details about required courses (BA) and (BS) and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog.

BS* and BA Marketing Major Outcomes

  1. Apply marketing concepts and theory to provide creative solutions and strategies and explore opportunities to solve marketing problems.
  2. Demonstrate marketing skills in both verbal and written communications applied to business scenarios, i.e., brand awareness, consumer behavior, and advertising.
  3. Identify and demonstrate an understanding of diversity, multicultural, ethical, and socially responsible marketing practices.
  4. Explain the implications and impact of the global business and political environment has on marketing.
  5. *Use quantitative and qualitative skills learned to strengthen marketing related management decisions.
  6. Demonstrate ability to select and use appropriate technology and distribution channels in marketing applications.

Marketing Major Opportunities

CUC’s supervised work experience offers opportunities for students to receive academic credit while gaining practical work experience in the marketing field.

The campus’s proximity to Chicago and public transportation provides easy access to exciting internship and networking opportunities. Everything from large corporations to small start-up firms, nonprofit organizations to advertising agencies build their businesses in Chicago and the nearby suburbs.

Some of the companies recently hiring CUC students include:

  • Apex Systems
  • Bohler Uddeholm
  • Enterprise
  • Esurance
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
  • Palace Sports Entertainment 
  • SmithBucklin 
  • Walt Disney World