In pursuing a management major from Concordia University Chicago, you will build a solid foundation of critical and creative thinking skills and learn to be entrepreneurial, evaluate opportunity, manage risk and learn from outcomes. These abilities are integral to sustaining business success.

Concordia-Chicago Management Degree Overview

The College of Business offers students the opportunity to pursue a management major either in the BS or BA in Business Administration. Across all industries, there is a need for proficient managers and leaders.   he focus of this major is to graduate students who are confident leaders and managers.  Students will sharpen their critical and creative thinking skills and build their business acumen. These abilities and skills are integral to sustaining business success.  Students will learn from industry experts and study topics such as ethical decision making, strategic thinking, leadership and management, marketing, accounting, human resources, operations management, and finance.

Graduates of either the BA in Business Administration or BS in Business Administration with a major in management find positions as production supervisors, account executives, human resources administrators and more.

Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded learning experience by using the latest technology and engaging them with real-world business scenarios and hands-on learning exercises. Many courses are offered online although the traditional 16 week face-to-face format is available.

Management Course Information

The bachelor of arts in management degree, which requires 48 semester hours of study, is for students who want a broad liberal arts foundation with an emphasis in business. The bachelor of science degree, with a more intensive business core, requires 54 semester hours of study. If you have questions, a counselor with our Office of Admission can help as you decide.

Students in both degree tracks take required courses in:

  • accounting
  • economics
  • statistics
  • information technology
  • management
  • ethics
  • finance
  • marketing
  • organizational behavior
  • business law

Students working toward a bachelor of science degree will be able to select electives from courses such as personal finance, small business management, sports management, corporate finance and advanced business law.

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog.

BS* and BA Management Major Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate the ability to the functional areas of management to creative solutions and opportunities to business problems.
  2. Demonstrate management skills in both written and verbal communications applied to business scenarios.
  3. Understand the responsibility for management to act ethically and be socially responsible and the impact on the business, employees, and stakeholders.
  4. Explain the economic, political, and technological implications of the global business environment on the management of organizations.
  5. *Use quantitative and qualitative skills to support management decisions.
  6. Demonstrate competency in the use of relevant technology to support decision-making by leaders and managers. 

Management Major Opportunities

Concordia-Chicago’s supervised work experience offers opportunities for students to receive academic credit while gaining practical work experience in management.

The campus’s proximity to Chicago and public transportation provides easy access to exciting internship and networking opportunities. Everything from large corporations to small start-up firms, nonprofit organizations to advertising agencies build their businesses in Chicago and the nearby suburbs.

Some of the companies recently hiring CUC students include:

  • Aldi USA
  • Apex Systems
  • Eataly
  • Enterprise
  • GDA Hockey
  • Palace Sports and Entertainment
  • Sogeti
  • Wellspring Lutheran Services
  • Yelp