Digital Marketing and Advertising Panel


Digital Marketing Panel

The Digital Marketing Panel on April 20, 2017 was particularly fascinating. Four senior women executives from the digital advertising world had a lot to say about marketing in the digital or “mobile” age. They also gave focused job advice to assembled students.

The speakers represented a range of clients from start-ups to big brands to non-profits.

Crystal Hubert is Media Director for Suntory Holdings, a Japanese distiller and distributor of alcohols which owns US brands such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Old Grand Dad and Gilbey’s Vodka. She has been at Starcom MediaVest for seven years handling clients such as proctor and Gamble, All State Insurance and Kellogg’s.

Julie Dazzo is the Account Manager for Brand Partnerships at Snapchat helping companies understand how to market themselves on Snapchat. She previously worked at Starcom.

Denise Carpenter is a Digital communications consultant specializing in Non-Profit and Healthcare. Her clients include North Shore Health Centers, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society. She helps these organizations communications with people who need help getting health care. (She is also sister to our own Emily Carpenter)

Caitlin Brown started her career in publishing at Rolling Stone Magazine after university and entered the marketing world through publishing. Currently she is Marketing and PR Director at The Start Studio which helps start-up companies with their marketing and communications.

The panelists began by discussing ways in which social and mobile marketing differ from traditional marketing. “These days, our target audience is Millennials,” said Crystal Hubert, “Millennials are always there and we reach them through multiple channels that are not channel-specific like traditional advertising is. We need to be very agile.” She noted that brands sometimes tell their story on traditional media but then build it with multiple digital and social messages.

“Social media is very engaging, added Denise Carpenter, “You cannot engage with traditional media.” Denise also noted that social media can help companies listen to and understand their customers as well as speak to them.

Panel members were challenged when asked about future trends in digital marketing. Several participants believe that smart phones, which are already a huge part of our lives, will continue to deliver more utility. “On Snapchat now we notice that people want weather, news, everything, from their phones.” Julie Dazzo said. Crystal added that people will be using their phones to control every part of their lives and that soon it will be able to tell you what is in your refrigerator and what to buy for dinner.

Other future trends included the demand for 24 hour service. The expectation that a company will deliver service 24/7 is part of building trust with the customer. Relying on “Influencers” to will also be increasingly important. “When I use digital to book travel, I use sites like booking com which allows me to go around the travel brands and rely on the other users or influencers like me,” said Caitlin.

In the wrap up, Caitlin delivered some career advice to COB students: digital marketing is a great career, she said, because it allows you to use your business and creative senses. You need to understand your client’s brand and you also need to understand how to build a platform for the brand in a meaningful, creative way. Students will also find opportunities in social media in every level of the business, strategic, creative, sales, non-profit, data analysis. And Chicago is a great place to look for a job because it has every size of agency and an immense wealth of people to network with.