Welcome ESTICE Students


ESTICE Students

The COB is excited to welcome four students from ESTICE International Business School in Lille, France, who joined the CUC campus this term as part of an exchange partnership between CUC and ESTICE. The students are Lucie Binauld, Agathe Journet Regnault, Julie Chopin and Brenda Ostyn (pictured above). Dr. Santin and Beth Dellegrazie met these students when they visited ESTICE last year. When asked what they were most looking forward to experiencing, Lucie stated, “I can't wait to discover sports teams because in France we don't have so many different activities and here it seems to be so important.” Agathe and Brenda are looking forward to discovering American culture and meeting new people. And Julie said, “I want to experience the real American life and take part in all the activities on campus, discover the city and a bit of the country!”

As part of the exchange partnership, CUC students are eligible to spend a semester abroad at the ESTICE campus.

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