Win Some, Learn Some


By Beth Dellegrazie & Tim Basadur

College of Business professors Beth Dellegrazie and Tim Basadur gave a talk on the theme “Win Some, Learn Some” to students participating in the Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s National Student Marketing Competition. The goal was to convey to the students the importance of learning from failure and the fact that success is often born from failure. Both faculty shared personal stories involving failure from their professional careers, what they learned, and how they used the knowledge gained to ultimately succeed. Dellegrazie termed these events “Successful Failures” and she and Basadur both emphasized that there are three fundamental aspects to successfully failing: First, own your mistake(s) and seek developmental feedback; second, develop a contingency plan for moving forward; and third, fail quickly so you can succeed faster. Beyond their own stories, famous historic examples of successful failures were discussed, including Thomas Edison’s approach to invention .invention and that Michael Jordan was motivated by the experience of being cut from his high school varsity basketball team.

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