LCEF Competition: The Student Perspective


By Emily Johnson, BS, Marketing, BA Management ‘20

LCEF Teaml-r: top row: Brian Harris, Anthony Murphy, Kyle Lutzlow, Alyssa Baratta, and Russell Zage
bottom row: Becca Tidaback, Emily Johnson, and Katie Rehmer

The 2018 team from MKT 4100: Marketing Communications, representing CUC at the Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s (LCEF) National Student Marketing Competition had our hands full this semester. The CUC student team consisted of: Alyssa Baratta, Brian Harris, Emily Johnson, Kyle Lutzow, Anthony Murphy, Katie Rehmer, and Becca Tidaback.

LCEF is a unique ministry-through-investment organization that offers members of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) the opportunity to invest their money, earn interest, and help build LCMS churches and schools at the same time. Our team was assigned to develop a marketing plan to increase requests to transfer to another LCEF product and increase investment participation among 19-year-olds who age out of their Y.I. Club accounts. Sounds simple, right? We were overwhelmed with countless questions from the start. Our team had to work, research and learn together throughout the semester to complete our assignment, as we had never experienced anything like this before. We describe this opportunity as a huge challenge and a real-world application. Although the task required much more than the team expected, each member is thankful for the opportunity. The experience has helped us become better students, teammates, and future business professionals.LCEF Team during competition

The competition was a photo finish; though, the results of the competition were not what we had hoped. The competition ended with Concordia-Texas in first place, Concordia College-New York in second, and Concordia-St. Paul earning third. Although we don't know our exact placement yet, we do not feel as if we lost. Concordia-Chicago was the first team to be able to host this event on our campus as the event is usually hosted at The Lutheran Church Extension Fund's headquarters in St. Louis, MO. As a demonstration of teamwork, our presentation was a huge success, however, other elements were what made us fall slightly short. We know we made our school proud no matter the results and our team is proud of our "Let's Grow Together" campaign we presented to the judges. We want to thank our advisor, Russell Zage, for being there with us and for all others here at Concordia-Chicago who helped us along the way. The opportunity was a new experience for the team members and we had no idea what to expect along the course of our journey. Today, we are stronger individuals from our experience; tomorrow, we continue to grow together.