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Claudia in Konstanz

In March, Dr. Claudia Santin, Dean,  traveled to the University of Konstanz where the 18th Annual International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations was held to deliver her paper, “Pragmatic Energy for Change Leadership: How Leaders Address Innovation Uncertainty,” co-written with Dr. Jen Groh.

Professor Tim Basadur, with his colleagues will present, “The Promotion of the Family Business Brand Through the Work of Sales Representatives” at the 2018 Family Enterprise Research Conference (FERC) June 7-9, 2018, in Guadalajara, Mexico. They will also present, “We Are (Not) Family: An Interview-Based Approach to Understanding Salesperson Promotion of "Familiness”” at the International Family Enterprise Research Association (IFERA) 2018 annual conference, July 3-6, in Zwolle, Netherlands.