HUEB Students All Make Dean’s List


All 15 Chinese students from Hebei University of Economics and Business made the Dean’s List in their first semester here at Concordia University of Chicago. “Dean’s List” means that the student is in good disciplinary standing and earned a 3.62 term GPA or higher for 12 graded credits or more. It is an honor to be appointed to the Dean’s List.

“I am impressed with the academic performance and social engagement of the HUEB students, said Rosemarie Garcia-Hills, the Executive Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising and Student Academic Affairs, “I can see that they depend on one another, share responsibility, and help each other inside and outside of the classroom to be successful.  For the HUEB students to accomplish this level of representation on the Dean’s List requires immense sacrifice and discipline.  Excellence and integrity are demonstrated through their academic performance and gracious engagement with staff and faculty.” 

When asked about their success, the HUEB students offered several explanations. They all agreed that cooperation and helping each other is most important. Jun Zhang (Chris) added that Chinese students are good at taking exams. “All of us can finish the professor’s homework well because we focus on it.” Chris said.

Jie Zhang said, “The Chinese old tradition is that it is the student’s duty to study hard.” A more concrete explanation is that the students study the syllabus before each course starts to figure out how to get extra points. Then they prepare in advance before each class to anticipate what will be discussed in the class.

To make the Dean’s List the students had to take on new challenges. The Religion class was difficult for them because the material is unfamiliar. Chinese students do not study Western religion in their universities. English Literature was also hard work because of the new words and expressions. “When we heard the expression ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ we thought that it meant you should really smell the coffee. We did not know that this meant ‘pay attention,’” said Tian Yuan Yang. 

“We think Western poetry is difficult too,” said Ping Ping Wu. “The descriptions indicate the feelings and you have to figure it out.”

The HUEB students enjoy the teaching atmosphere of CUC because the classes are smaller than at HUEB where the classes are 25 – 30 students and it is harder to engage in class discussions.

Dr. Claudia Santin, Dean of the College of Business noted, “I am not surprised that the students achieved the Dean’s List. When I first met them during my visit to HUEB, it was clear that they had been preparing for their 4th year of study at Concordia-Chicago. When they arrived, they immediately began working toward achieving high marks and making their families and their HUEB teachers proud of them. All of us in the College of Business are very proud of their accomplishments.”

HUEB Students with the DeanPhoto: Emily Adkins
From left to right: First Row: Junyi Ma, Di Wang, Dr. Santin, Ziyan Qin, Pingping Wu, Yumeng Xue
Second Row: Siqi He, Yuchen Cheng, Yue Tang, Wei Wang, Jie Zhang, Zewei Liu, Tianyuan Yang
Third Row: Zehao Li, Jun Zhang, Dongying Chen