Partnership with Hebei University of Economics and Business

Cooperative Program with Hebei University of Economics and Business

new yearConcordia University Chicago’s (CUC) College of Business (COB) and Hebei University of Economics and Business (HUEB) began our dynamic and flourishing partnership in 2012 with a 3 + 1 program.

HUEB and CUC work together to prepare interested HUEB students to matriculate at Concordia in their senior undergraduate year. Once they complete their senior year at CUC, they graduate with degrees from both CUC and HUEB. They then have the opportunity to go on to complete CUC’s MBA program in either one or two years. They may then decide to continue into the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program upon graduating. Two graduate HUEB MBA students are joining the DBA upon graduating this fall.

Part of our general COB requirement is that any student transferring in for his or her senior year is required to take certain core courses in the CUC College of Business curriculum. It is our intention that HUEB students be well prepared when they arrive in River Forest to complete their senior year.

In order to prepare the students for study in the United States, twice a year CUC sends distinguished faculty to Shijiazhuang to teach students in subjects such as Management, Marketing, Business Law, Business Ethics, Operations Management. These courses are taught in English in order to expose students to the English immersion environment they will encounter when they arrive in Chicago.

While CUC instructors are teaching at HUEB, students from CUC have the opportunity to take CUC classes in English in Shijiazhuang, China.

Current Programs

Concordia University Chicago and Hebei University of Economics and Business currently offer our two majors: Management and Marketing. New majors in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and in Business Intelligence and Analytics are proposed to begin in 2019.

CUC and HUEB also plan to offer opportunities for students to pursue the COB’s new MA program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, as well the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). In October 2018, 16 HUEB faculty members are anticipated starting their DBA on the CUC campus.

Benefits for HUEB Students

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The benefits to HUEB students pursuing the 3 + 1 program are that, as undergraduates, they are exposed to Western business education and practices at both HUEB and at CUC and they can further develop their English language speaking skills.

Once they arrive in River Forest, some of the many program benefits for HUEB students include:


  • CUC is located in River Forest, IL, a beautiful suburb of Chicago. Students can enjoy all the attractions and excitement of city life while living and studying in a safe, quiet environment.
  • Classes are small which encourages hands-on learning. Each class is between 10 and 35 students.
  • COB faculty members get to know the students and are available to help them in many ways from class assignments to career decisions.
  • Every student is assigned an academic advisor who helps track and evaluate academic progress. The advisors help the students develop customized course programs.
  • The Concordia campus is compact and convenient with new dorms and excellent sports facilities.
  • The 3 +1 program including studies in both the United States and China gives students a competitive advantage in a crowded job market.

This program has the potential to allow HUEB students to live in the United States, improve their language skills and learn U.S. culture four years or more, if desired. For example students may:

  • First year, complete their bachelor’s degree as part of the 3 + 1 program.
  • Second year, students may elect to complete one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT).
  • Third year, students may pursue CUC's Masters in Business Administration (MBA).
  • Fourth year, after graduation, they may choose to complete another one year OPT.
  • As a final option, graduates may enroll in the 3-year DBA program.

Benefits for CUC students


  • Creates opportunities for U.S. COB students to see the broader world
  • Broadens CUC’s College of Business’ reach and brand with overseas education program opportunities.
  • Promotes awareness and appreciation of international and cultural diversity at within CUC and the COB

Partnership success

new year

We believe that the most important ingredient to a successful partnership is the intent, commitment. and good faith of the individuals who lead the endeavor. From the outset this partnership has been unusual in its dynamism and effectiveness.

Additional Program Features

Faculty Exchange (Mentoring) Programs: In September 1, 2014 – September 1, 2015, and January – June 2018, professors from Hebei University of Economics and Business studied at Concordia University Chicago. The purpose of these programs is pair Chinese faculty members with CUC instructors to introduce and practice American pedagogical methods used in higher education classrooms.

The visiting scholars from HUEB shadow their CUC mentors by attending, observing, and participating in class sessions. The visiting faculty participants also develop formal presentations for the campus community at the end of their stays to share their gained knowledge in their research presentations.Abstracts from those presentations can be found here


HUEB-CUC Joint Business Library at HUEB: HUEB-CUC Joint Business Library opened on the HUEB campus in December 2016, with the donation of a large quantity of English language academic books donated by CUC faculty. The library is on the fifth floor of the beautiful new HUEB library.