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About CougarTank

CougarTank invites CUC College of Business students (undergraduate business majors and minors, and graduate students) to use their creative entrepreneurial acumen to develop and share their innovative ideas for a new business. No financials or formal business plans are needed, just a great idea that solves a problem or harnesses an opportunity with serious market potential! The aim of the competition is to incentivize students to take steps toward creating the career they want by taking a ‘risk’ and presenting their fledgling business concept to a panel of judges. An aspiring entrepreneur can only talk and think about their business idea for so long before action is required, and the competition is intended to encourage all COB students to think big and to spur action toward  implementing their vision. Students interested in competing in CougarTank must complete and submit the application by the deadline February 3, 2020. 

Spring 2020 Events & Workshops

Resume Building Workshop Presented by Upkey

Participate in this interactive workshop with Upkey representatives to help you learn best practices for resume writing, how to build a confident elevator pitch and how to market yourself through your personal branding. 

Feb. 19 | 10:00 a.m. | Location TBD 

Deadline: Monday February 3, 2020

CougarTank Competition Guide

Round I: Whiteboard Competition

Each team will demonstrate their basic business ideas in front of a panel of judges. Every accepted team will be able to talk for 3-5 minutes with a whiteboard as visual aid to draw out their business concept;

We are not looking for in depth details regarding the business at this stage, the whiteboard competition is focused on ideas;

This presentation will give the judges a general idea about your business, what differentiates your business and how much potential the business possesses.

Your presentation with the whiteboard will be scored on a team basis. 

The top 5 teams will enter the Round II and compete in Presentation Fair.

Round II: PowerPoint Presentation Fair 

Each of the remaining five teams will present their business ideas via PowerPoint presentations in an open business fair.

The team leaders will receive an e-mail containing a PowerPoint template to be used as a guide for their presentation.

The initial PowerPoint is due two weeks before Round II to, The CougarTank Coaches will work with each team to improve the articulation of their business ideas based upon Round I judging feedback and elevate their PowerPoint presentation before Round II.

The top three teams will be invited to enter Round III and compete in Final Presentation.


Round III: Final Presentations 

This will be a ‘Shark Tank’ style presentation in front of a live audience, including CUC students, faculty, staff, and alumni; it will also be open to the community.

Each team will have 10 minutes to present their business idea to the judges, uninterrupted. At which time the judges will have 10 minutes to ask questions about their business idea.

The winner of CougarTank will be announced at this event.

The PowerPoint presentation is due two weeks before Round III, files will be submitted to The CougarTank Coaches will work closely with each team to incorporate judging feedback from Rounds I and II to elevate their PowerPoint presentation before Round III.