Concordia Enterprise Group

Concordia Enterprise Group (C.E.G.) is a student run group that assists undergraduate students in their entrepreneurial ventures. C.E.G. enables students to build leadership skills, develop innovative ideas and strengthen confidence in American and global business.

Students can:

  • Learn about entrepreneurship and business start-ups
  • Explore potential career opportunities in business
  • Practice money management
  • Collaborate with students to create new business ideas
  • Develop personal and professional growth

Mission Statement

The C.E.G provides opportunities for undergraduate college students to develop business - career related pathways, both in terms of a professional careers and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Assist students in determining their career interests and goals
  • Develop proficient, creative, and ethical business leadership skills
  • Explore and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Strengthen appreciation and understanding of business in a global context