Rediscovering the Lutheran Liberal Arts

The Center for the Advancement of Lutheran Liberal Arts (CALLA) works to develop and implement standards of educational excellence that are rooted in biblical theological truth and that reflect an ongoing commitment to a classical understanding of Liberal Education.

In the LCMS and other Christian communities, there is a vibrant and growing interest in Classical Education with its deep historic roots for teaching and learning in the liberal arts. CUC's center provides research and the gathering, sharing and dissemination of resources for those who seek to explore this rich heritage as a means to further the Christian faith, in service to Christ and His people.

To this end, CALLA serves the University's mission by:

  • Supporting and conducting research and scholarship related to Classical Lutheran Education primarily for educators but also for the benefit of parents.
  • Providing advocacy and professional development resources for classical teachers in the field.
  • Serving as a general clearinghouse for data and additional resources from related organizations and experts.

The calla lily was named after the ancient Greek word for beautiful (calla) and has come to be a symbol of rebirth, faithfulness, youth and renewal. At CALLA, we are working toward a rebirth and renewal of the liberal arts tradition in education. The elegant appearance of the calla lily is a reminder of the value that classical education places on the ancient ideals of truth, goodness and beauty.

An essential component of CALLA’s mission is to foster the academic development of classical education in the context of the Lutheran confession. To further that mission, CALLA draws together scholars and educators from colleges and universities that appreciate the value of a classical education in the 21st century. CALLA partners with other schools within the Concordia University System and other Lutheran colleges in order to develop a coordinated and complementary approach to classical education.  

CALLA also reaches out to classical Christian educators who share a commitment to the historic confessions of the Christian church. While valuing the work accomplished within other confessional circles, CALLA seeks to act as a unique institution to strengthen the classical Christian educational community. By supporting and encouraging other colleges and universities, CALLA promotes a strong and vibrant classical education community empowered to be a positive influence on the church and the world.

CALLA is home to the “Connecting Classically” speakers bureau. The individuals listed here are academics who possess a compelling interest in classical education and the Liberal Arts. The speakers are leading experts in their field who are prepared to expand the understanding and appreciation of Classical Education to diverse audiences in settings such as conferences, community outreach events, homeschool groups and teacher in-service events.

Inviting organizations are responsible for travel and honoraria. 

Rev. Dr. Robert Sorensen
Specialty: Greek, Biblical Theology
Speaking Interests: Instruction of Ancient Greek; Christian Scripture, especially the New Testament; Early Church History

Dr. Sorensen’s first calling was that of an elementary teacher. After ordination he entered parish ministry. His three children attended a classical school.

Rev. Dr. Thomas Korcok
Specialty: Catechesis, Classical Education
Speaking Interests: Theological Principles of Education, Communicating Classical Education to a Wider Audience, Classical Education in Small and Rural settings

Dr. Korcok started a classical school in rural northern Ontario. This led him to do his Master’s and Doctorate in the theological principles which undergird Classical Education.

Dr. David Rogner
Specialty: English Literature
Speaking Interests: Life of Christ in Art and Poetry

Dr. Rogner is well read in the area of the Liberal Arts. He was instrumental in building Concordia-Chicago’s Classical Liberal Studies major.

Rev. Dr. James Kellerman
Specialty: Latin, Logic
Speaking Interests and expertise: the value of studying Latin; Greco-Roman civilization and its influence on the modern world; Greek philosophy; Christianity from Constantine to the fall of Rome Connection

As a longtime student and teacher of the classics, Dr. Kellerman has come to appreciate not only the content of the classics but the method by which they were taught before the modern era.

Rev. Dr. Patrick J. Bayens
Specialty: Theology, Church History, Liturgics
Speaking interest and expertise: "Art in the Greek Classical Tradition;" "Beauty, Art, and the Church"; "Virgil in the Classical Christian Tradition;" "The Revelation of John Meets the Good, the True, and the Beautiful"

Dr. Bayens taught Latin to third and fourth graders for five years.

Dr. James Tallmon
Specialty: Rhetorical Studies
Speaking Interests: Teaching from a Classical Lutheran Point of View; Cultivating Wisdom and Eloquence; The Rhetoric Stage; Argumentation & Debate

Dr. Tallmon served as a college educator for 25 years and, for much of that time, was active in the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education. He was Headmaster Teacher (grades 6-8) at a Lutheran classical school, and is now retired and writing in Austin TX.  Tallmon teaches online for Wittenberg Academy and Concordia Chicago. He wrote Of Rhetoric and Redemption in La Rioja, an historical novel which has St. Paul travelling to Spain where he meets his contemporary, Quintilian, upon whom he exercises considerable influence...and vice versa.

Meghan Sleezer, MA
Specialty: Mathematics Instruction
Speaking Interest: “The Mathematical Beauty of Creation”

Academic Programs

CUC offers a classically-based undergraduate major and minor, offering students the opportunity to focus their studies in the Christian liberal arts.

Classical Liberal Studies (BA)

Classical Pedagogy Minor

Contact Thomas Korcok with questions about the center.