Permitted Uses

Users may electronically save portions of the works(s).

Print out single copies of portions of the work(s).

Provide print or electronic copies of all or any part of the work(s) to national or international regulatory authorities for the purposes of or in anticipation of regulatory approval and/or trademark applications or other regulatory purposes in respect of the products or services.


Users may not:

Remove or alter copyright notices or other means of identification or disclaimers as they appear in the licensed work(s);

Systematically make printed or electronic copies of multiple portions of the work(s) for any purpose;

Display or distribute any part of the work(s) on any electronic network, including without limitation to the internet and the World Wide Web, other than a secure network;

Permit anyone other than authorized users to access or use the work(s);

Use all or any part of the work(s) for any commercial use.