Permitted Uses

Use the products for reference, education, research, and training purposes.

Use the provided “print” and “save” functionality through the platform for limited portions of the products.


Users may not:

Copy or duplicate the products, in whole or in substantial part;

Distribute, transmit, publish, transfer or commercially exploit the products, in whole or in part;

Incorporate any part of the products in printed or electronic course or study packs;

Use the platforms or products to provide service bureau, time sharing, or similar services to third parties;

Reverse engineer, decompile or modify the products, in whole or in part;

Use the platforms, the products or the information contained therein or results derived therefrom to develop any products or services that could be competitive with the platforms or products or any products or services provided by Ovid or its affiliates;

Alter, remove, or otherwise hinder the delivery of any copyright, disclaimer, or other proprietary notice appearing in the platforms or products.