Permitted Uses

All research shall be directly connected to the educational activities.

Users may electronically display materials retrieved from the services to no more than one person at a time. However, users may display the results to multiple parties for purposes of classroom instruction.

Users may download an insubstantial number of documents and store them in machine-readable form, primarily for one person’s exclusive use.

Use of the services is permitted only via manually conducted, discrete, individual search and retrieval activities.

Users have the right to print documents.

To the extent permitted by applicable copyright law, users may make copies of materials retrieved from the services and distribute such copies.


Users may not:

Disseminate or redistribute content via electronic bulletin boards, e-mail distribution lists, intranets, the Internet or similar electronic medium;

Create or allow others to create derivative products for resale;

Access and use of the services via mechanical, programmatic, robotic, scripted or any other automated means;

Use, or permit others to use, the services or materials in any fashion that infringes the copyrights or proprietary interests;

Remove or obscure the copyright notice or other notices contained in the materials;

Use the materials to determine a consumer’s eligibility for credit or insurance for personal, family, household purposes, employment, or a government license or benefit;

Use of the services for commercial purposes;

Share access to the services with unauthorized users.