Advising Events

The events described below are held throughout the academic year to ensure current students will live, learn, grow and succeed at Concordia University Chicago.

First-Year Basic Training: 

This event is aimed at introducing our freshman students to the collegiate world.  Topics will include academic preparedness and planning, the utilization of Concordia‚Äôs many academic resources, as well as how to get involved and make the most of your four years at Concordia. The goal of this program is to prepare our students for a successful and productive future here at Concordia.

get FRESH (Freshman Registration Experience and Scheduling Help):

This program will offer a step-by-step guide to the registration process, an overview of the catalog, a tour of the portal, and more for our new students. 

Grad School 101:

At this event, graduate school admission representatives will provide presentations about their particular school and program, the importance of going to graduate school, and preparation required for admission.  Faculty and staff members will also provide presentations on preparing students on how to choose a graduate degree and how to approach their grad school applications.  This program will address: crafting a statements of purpose, asking for letters of recommendation, and grad school interview tips.

Senior Salute: 

At this session, students will learn how to make the transition from being undergraduate students to alumni of Concordia University. Other university offices will also be present to make sure students have everything in place for graduation.

Sophomore Sessions:

This program is an exploration session where students will have an opportunity to complete inventories and questionnaires about themselves, as well as, learn about major/career exploration from Academic Advising and Career Services.

Life After Concordia:

A brand new program for Academic Advising which helps students prepare for life after graduation. More details to come about this event.

Transfer Tips:

This program is designed to demonstrate the interconnected nature of policies, procedures and departments at Concordia University Chicago.  We proactively partner with transfer students during this session to increase awareness about important deadlines, to help students plan for future semesters and to encourage students to become involved in our campus community.  Representatives from a diverse group of university departments work in partnership for this event to pinpoint who or which department students can contact for help in a variety of situations.  This is a mandatory group advising session for any transfer students who are in their first semester at Concordia University Chicago.