About Concordia

Based in the liberal arts, Concordia University Chicago provides a Christian education in the Lutheran tradition. Tailored experiences are available for specifically for new undergraduatesgraduates or adult degree seekers. You'll see how we effectively combine the benefits of experiential learning in a world-class city, personalized mentoring from professors who put their students first, and ethical leadership development. 

Why Concordia

Undergraduate students choose Concordia University Chicago because CUC meets their goals for:

  • Practical preparation for a satisfying career

  • Hands-on experiences that qualify them for the best graduate programs

  • Critical thinking and communication skills that last a lifetime

But it’s not just about the destination—they also choose CUC so they can be inspired during their collegiate career and beyond. Read what our students are saying about CUC...

Emily Cyrwus

As a commuter, I stay connected to campus through lacrosse. Being on the lacrosse team made my transition from high school into college far easier than I would have ever expected. Going into college everything is brand new, it’s nothing like high school, and that’s a little bit terrifying.

Zachary "Kentucky" Adamec

Out of the schools on my list during my college search, CUC was ranked highly for sports management programs alongside Division I schools. That really helped me decide to come here. 

Damian Rojas

What I really liked is that as soon as I came in they were already telling me that I needed to go observe classrooms. I didn’t think I would be entering a classroom until junior year. It was exactly what I was looking for – to dive right in and see what it’s like to be a teacher.

Katherine Lutz

CUC has been so much more than my academics. It’s been a community and an environment to grow holistically. From a theological standpoint, it’s been a great place to ask questions. From a serving and living out my faith standpoint, it’s been a training ground.