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Enjoy the following video presentations of dialogs and panel discussions on various topics in church music.

Stephen Starke - "The Craft of Hymn Writing 1" - October 2015

Stephen Starke

Susan Palo Cherwien - "The Craft of Hymn Writing II" - October 2015 

Susan Cherwien

Mark Mattes - "Luther on the Theology and Beauty of Music" - October 2015

Mark Mattes

Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor - "Perfectly Prophetic Proclamation: The Church's Song at Its Best" - October 2014

Dien Ashley Taylor

Dr. David Mennicke - "2014 Poheler Lecture Series"  

Betsy Werner and Paul Soulek: "Keynote Address at the 2014 LCMS Worship Institute"

“Lutheran Identity and Congregational Song”- Featuring Carl Schalk and Paul Westermeyer