Reporting Violations

Reporting a Violation of the Student Code of Conduct

Faculty, Staff, or Students wishing to report a potential violation of the student code can acquire a copy of the Conduct Violation Report Form by visiting the Forms Depository on the University Portal. Complete forms should be electronically sent as an attachment to the following email address: studentconduct@cuchicago.edu

All academic violations of the Student Code should be addressed with the Director of the Honor Code System.

Policy regarding Anonymity in Reporting Violations of the Student Code

In situations where potential retaliation would be deemed as possible for reporting a violation, the identity of the complainant can be held as confidential from the person accused. While an author of the report is required to properly process the report, in cases that are deemed necessary for anonymity, the complainant’s name will be deleted from the actual reports that are reviewed by the “accused student”. The determination for anonymity is made by a Conduct Meeting Officer, the Assistant Dean of Students, and/or the Dean of Students and the complainant. All such decisions are made with the safety and best interest of the complainant and the community in mind.