Regarding Victim's Needs

The University will not voluntarily release a victim’s name to the public or media except as required by law. Further, University staff will, upon request by the victim:

1.  Meet with a victim privately, at a reasonable place of his/her choice, to discuss the situation in a confidential manner;

2.  Treat a victim with courtesy, understanding, and professionalism;

3.  Assist a victim in privately contacting counseling, advising, and other available resources should the victim request such;

4.  Arrange for the accused or any persons acting on the accused’s behalf not have contact with the victim;

5.  Continue to be available to the victim to answer questions, explain the systems and processes involved, and be a willing listener;

6.  Keep him/her informed on the progress of the case as allowed by law and policy;

7.  Respond to requests for assistance regarding University residential housing from the Office of Housing and Residence Life, including a request to change housing assignments or to leave University housing with a pro-rata refund of any balance regarding room and board;

8.  Assist with requests for assistance to Dean of Students office to receive academic relief or other exceptions to current academic regulations;

9.  In cases of sexual assault or crimes of violence, notify a victim of the outcome of any conduct proceedings.

10.       Arrange, at the discretion of the conduct officer, an alternative to giving a statement in a face-to-face setting; and

11.       Arrange for the victim to have the opportunity to make a statement concerning the impact of the incident on his or her life in the hearing.