Residential Hall Policies (H-Q)

It is expected that every resident of our residential communities at Concordia University Chicago adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and all governing legal laws and requirements afforded as citizens. In addition to this expectation, several additional policies pertaining to our residential communities must also be adhered to:

Hall Lounges



Neon Signs

News Media





Questionable Material in Public Spaces

Quiet Hours

Hall Lounges
Lounges have been provided in the hall communities on both a floor and hall wide basis. These lounge spaces and everything within it should be treated with respect. Students are expected to clean up after using the space. Consistent issues with cleanliness or disrespectful use of space will result in the space being locked off from use. All hall policies apply within the lounge spaces.

Persons of the opposite sex are permitted, by invitation only, to visit in a resident’s room. It is the responsibility of the resident who admits a guest to the floor to verify that individual as being a guest of a resident of that floor. For security purposes, your conscientiousness in this matter is important to your fellow floor mates. One of the students to whom that room has been assigned must be present during the visit. The following hours are reserved for residence hall visitation:

  • Sunday-Thursday 10 AM - 12 PM

  • Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 2 AM

Residents are expected to account for their assigned keys at all times. Anyone found lending, giving, stealing, or duplicating a residential hall key will be held accountable through the student conduct process.

Neon Signs
Neon signs pose a significant fire hazard and are not allowed in residential hall rooms at anytime.

News Media
News media are not allowed into the residential halls. Refer anyone that identifies themselves as a reporter or news media to the Dean of Students, the Director of Residential Life, your Resident Director, or your Resident Assistant.

Residents are encouraged to personalize their living spaces as much as possible; however, painting inside their student rooms is not permitted. If a student or community would like to personalize a lounge or paint a mural on a wall, they must follow these steps for approval:

  • The community must agree on a design.

  • A design sketching must be submitted to the Resident Director of the building for approval prior to the painting beginning. 

  • Approval for such murals will come from the Resident Director and Director of Physical Plant, so await their okay to begin.

  • Painting supplies, within reason, are provided by the Physical Plant; however, some supplies may need to be purchased using community funds.

Pet Policy
The only pets that are allowed within our residence halls are fish an other aquatic animals
barring approval from the Director of Residential Life. Service Animals are an exception to the policy and all accommodations can be arranged through the Director of Residential Life.

Pranks in Residence Halls
Practical jokes or pranks that alter the appearance of residential halls or property and/or create disruption for students are strictly prohibited. Anyone found responsible for planning and orchestrating such actions will be prone to disciplinary action.

The formation of a new life is a blessed experience and should be treated as so. The Department of Residential will do everything necessary to assist a mother to be during her pregnancy. In wanting to assist a mother to be, we need to consider the well being of both the mother and the child.

As the Department of Residential life, we also have to take into account the rest of our on campus community. A new baby can create a great deal of stress on a mother and furthermore on roommates, hall staff, and community members. In addition, a residential hall is a community that is not conducive to a mother in her convening stages of pregnancy and the University is unable to provide the immediate medical response necessary to assure the safety of a mother to be and her baby.

As a result it is the policy of the Department of Residential Life, when a student is identified as pregnant, to assist that student in finding appropriate off campus housing. For the safety of the mother-to-be, the child and for the wellbeing of our on campus communities, students that are pregnant are not allowed to live in our halls.

Quiet Hours/Courtesy Hours
The designated quiet hours on campus are:

  • Sunday thru Thursday 11 PM - 8 AM

  • Friday and Saturday 1 AM - 8 AM

Students living in our halls and their guests are required to observe these hours. Anyone failing to observe these hours will be referred to the student conduct process. Continued disrespect of the policy and communities shown by repeated offenses of this policy will result in the loss of privileges.

Questionable Material in public areas
The Department of Residential Life recognizes and celebrates our diverse students. We do not stand to judge what is questionable and what is not, at least not on items that are within the limits of our university mission statement. However, if any item within public view is in question or a complaint is received, the student owning and displaying that item will be required to move the item to a location that is not in public view, either off the front of their door, out of a window, or if the complaint is shared by a roommate, out of the room. Such items might include but are not limited to any item displaying profanity, any posters of a questionable subject matter, or any item that directly disrespects the religion, creed, ethnicity, or wellbeing of another individual.