On-Campus Housing Agreement

Department of Residential Life Housing

For and in consideration of the use of certain student residence hall property for the period indicated, upon acceptance by Concordia University of my application for such use, I promise to pay all assessments for such use as stated and under the terms in the indicated appropriate Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog or Summer Catalog. I understand that Concordia University, should it accept my application, is not granting me a lease with this Agreement, but only a license to make use of such property, while the University maintains control and management of the Residence Hall. Possession of this property is explicitly not granted.

The Residence Hall Agreement and Application Form must be accompanied by a $200.00 Room Reservation Deposit. This deposit is applied to your room and board fee.

The housing agreement is viewed as a contract, according to the prescribed requested housing occupancy time by the resident at the time of application. For the majority of our residential students this is for full Fall/Spring semesters. Any student wishing to change their status during their agreed upon occupancy will need to gain the approval of our Dean of Students. Any student, cancelling their housing contract, approved by the Dean of Students to move off campus, will be assessed a $200 cancellation penalty for breaking their agreed upon housing contract. The cancellation penalty will be assess to students regardless of the time of the year they withdrawal and will be automatically deducted from any room and board refund they might be receiving, or after the 8 week point in the semester when no refund is available, will be added as a penalty charge. Payments for room and board are made each semester, and as such, the reimbursements only apply to made payments. If a change of status is granted, the reimbursements occur according to the following timeline:

  • Full reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, students that withdrawal their housing application prior to occupancy, or the by the end of the first week of classes for either semester, are eligible to a full reimbursement of paid charges, minus the $200 cancellation fee. If any meals or cougar cash was used, then students would be charged for that usage accordingly.

  • 50% reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, any student that withdrawal from housing after the first week of classes, but prior to the end of the 8 week mark of the semester is eligible for a 50% reimbursement of room and board charge for the semester, minus the $200 cancellation fee.

  • No reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, any student withdrawing from housing, after the 8 week mark of the semester (the exception being for hardship situations) will have no reimbursement in their room or board charge for the semester and will be charged a $200 cancellation fee

The University determines all room assignments and reserves the right to reassign students when extenuating circumstances would warrant such action or during the consolidation process. 

The University agrees to provide student residence hall housing for the Student subject to the following conditions:

  1. The return of this Agreement with the required Room Reservation Deposit to the Residence Life Office. Room assignments are made in priority of receipt of deposits. If space is not available, the housing deposit will be refunded.

  2. This Agreement becomes effective on the day the Student is required to be on campus and terminates at noon the day after the last examination of each term. A daily fee may be charged for early arrivals and/or late departures. The halls will be closed and meals will not be included under contract but may be available on a cash basis during the vacation periods of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. Normally, the Residential Halls are closed on vacations of seven calendar days or more. Any exceptions must have prior approval by the Director of Residential Life.

At the termination of the Agreement, the Student must comply with the established check-out procedures in each individual Hall. The following surcharges will be levied:

  1. Failure to check out will result in a charge of $100.00
  2. Failure to return keys - $50.00 per key
  3. Failure to leave the room in a clean, orderly, presentable fashion - $75.00 minimum.
  4. Damages chargeable to the Student will be at current established University rates.

The Student enters this Agreement knowing that they must comply with and abide by:

  • All the terms and conditions which appear on this Agreement, and any attached terms and conditions of occupancy which are hereby made part of this Agreement.

  • All other applicable university rules and regulations governing the conduct of students which are now in effect and any that may be adopted and published by the University during the term of this Agreement. Normally such rules and regulations are published in the appropriate issues of the Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, Summer Catalog, Undergraduate Student Handbook, Graduate Handbook, Residential Hall Handbook, and the Student and Faculty Statement on Rights and Responsibilities of Students. The University explicitly reserves the right to amend, expand, or otherwise adjust policies and procedures affecting residence halls during the course of this Agreement. All such changes, however, will be announced in writing by the appropriate University official.

In accepting a reservation for room and board in a University Residence Hall, the Student applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Termination of the Agreement as approved by the Dean of Students will be in cooperation with the Business Services Office. A student must file a Change of Status form with the Director of Residence Life at any time that a change in housing status occurs. Refunds are subject to the conditions stated in the applicable University Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog.

  2. A Student shall give proper care to the hall, floor, and room assigned, and its furnishings, and make prompt payment for any damages. A Student shall not move any furnishings in or out of his/her room without permission of the Residence Hall Director for that building. The Student shall also be responsible for damages incurred by their guest and will be liable for any Residence Hall property or furnishings damaged. Damage charges will be based on the Room Condition Report as prepared by the appropriate residence hall staff member. All such damage charges are due upon notification by the University of the levy of such surcharge. If a damage charge is assessed and the student continues usage of the residence hall under this Agreement, any deficiency must be paid within 30 days or the university reserves the right to terminate this Agreement.

  3. Student-built lofts will not be allowed in the residence halls.

  4. If one of the resident students vacates a room, the remaining student agrees to pay the announced single room fee for a private room, if alternate space is available and offered by the university at that time; to move to another room if requested; or accept another roommate, as assigned. (Consolidation process)

  5. While every effort will be made to comply with the Student preference for a roommate and Residence Hall choice, final determination will be made by the University, usually through the Director of Residence Life and/or the Director of Housing.

  6. This Agreement does not provide for room and board during designated vacation periods (See Student Handbook, Section Vacations.)

  7. The University shall accept no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any persons or for loss or damage to a student’s property by fire, wind, water, power surge or any other means. All occupants are encouraged to carry appropriate personal property insurance.

  8. The Student agrees that any personal effects, valuables, or other property left in the Residence Hall at the close of the occupancy under this Agreement shall be considered abandoned property and may be retained or disposed of by the University.

  9. Any personnel authorized by the Vice President for Student Services or the Dean of Students have the right to enter any space or room in the Residence Hall for the purpose of inspection or maintaining it. Search is differentiated from inspection or maintenance. All entrances or searches are conducted under the standards of the Student and Faculty Statement on Rights and Responsibilities of Students. For procedures of search, the relevant section of the Student and Faculty Statement on Rights and Responsibilities of Students or its successor policy shall prevail.

  10. Hot plates, microwave ovens, ovens, space heaters, George Forman grills, any open coil heating device, halogen lights, neon signs, and candles are not permitted in the Residence Halls, except where provided by the University. This violates the University’s insurance coverage and the River Forest Fire Department regulations, and WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Ironing must be done in designated locations.

  11. Rooms are to be used only as living rooms and no commercial operation shall be carried on therein.

  12. A Student’s room or assigned room key may not be used by anyone other than the resident(s) to whom the room is assigned.

  13. Resident students must avail themselves of the University food service, and are assessed the Food Service Fee.

  14. The University may terminate this Agreement and terminate use of the room for consistent violation of any University regulations, for health or social reasons, or for any reason deemed sufficient by the Dean of Students.

  15. Students dismissed from the residence halls by the Dean of Students for violation of any of the terms of the residence hall will not be eligible for a refund of room charges for the current term. The University may use any legal means available, should the University deem it necessary, to terminate the use of a room and other residence hall facilities if this Agreement is terminated. Normally, such use must be terminated within 24 hours of receipt of official written notification from the Dean of Students. Such receipt shall be considered accomplished if provided the student by either U.S. mail or personal messenger at the last residence hall address. If extended use is considered to be an unsafe condition for other residents, such termination to this Agreement can be effected immediately upon receipt of notice if both the Dean of Students and the President of the University effect such notification.

  16. Each student room is provided with a Cougar Net video and data outlets. This outlet provides a lineup of television and FM radio programming and a direct link to the campus network Ethernet connection, both for educational and entertainment purposes. The student is responsible for providing any equipment needed beyond the video outlet to receive the programming, including the video cable and a cable-ready television set. The video and data network services are not optional and are included in the residence hall fees.

  17. The University reserves the right to limit the amperage of lighting and appliances available to the occupants of a room for the safety of all occupants of a Residence Hall. If no advance permission is granted by the Director of Residence Life and by the Director of Operations, an electrical energy surcharge will be assessed for restricted appliances available to the room occupants for any estimated usage prior to the removal by university personnel. A charge will also be made for the use of university personnel to remove a restricted equipment item. All occupants pledge to attempt to conserve energy and utilities by not wasting electricity, heat, and water.

  18. The student resident may not subscribe without advance written approval to any other service which may impact use of the electricity, require special wiring for access by the service, or in any way alter the integrity of the building utilities or services, or be a disturbance, or threaten safety of other occupants. The University reserves all rights to make such determination regarding the applicability of this paragraph.

  19. Each student room is provided with a Cougar Net telephone. Each student is provided with a personal Direct Inward Dial (DID) telephone number, enabling direct outside inbound telephone calls to the student. On-campus calls may be made without additional charge. Each student in the Residence Hall will be provided with a Phone Mail box to receive messages when not able to answer the phone. The University reserves the right to limit the amount of messages that may be stored at any time in the system. It also reserves the right to erase messages after a certain length of time. No off-campus outbound calls may be made on a Cougar Net telephone unless the student has signed a Cougar Net Agreement and paid and maintained the appropriate deposit account for this additional service. The student user of the Cougar Net services agrees that the use of the service and the messages therein and storage of such information is at the user’s sole risk.Neither the University nor any of its employees or agents warrants that the Cougar Net services will be uninterrupted or error free; nor does the University or its employees or agents make any warranty as to the results to be obtained from this service. Neither the University nor any one else involved in creating, producing, or delivering the service shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of this service or inability to use the service or out of any breach of any warranty. The University reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete any room telephone instrument, student extension or direct inward dial telephone line, Phone Mail, or public Phone Mail greeting. The Cougar Net user agrees not to use the Cougar Net system in any manner that violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person or which would be abusive, profane, or sexually offensive to an average person, or which, without the approval of the University in writing, contains any advertising or any solicitation of other customers to use goods or services, other than those offered by the University. The Dean of Students and the President of the University shall be the final determinant for University discretion in this matter. The installation of a private telephone line by Illinois Bell or any other provider of any voice or data communication service is not permitted. Hearing impaired may, upon registration with the Director of Residence Life and the Director of Cougar Net, arrange for any appropriate communication service (e.g., TDD service). Appropriate charges may be assessed for costs incurred by the University to provide the service. Additional policy and procedure issues relative to use of telephones is contained in the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, Section 6.01.101 Comprehensive Campus Telephone Service Policy, and are herewith explicitly made a part of this Agreement.

  20. Fire-fighting equipment shall not be used except in case of a fire or during a fire drill, if appropriate. Students are not permitted on roofs or ledges of the residence halls because of the danger involved. In addition, offenders will be charged appropriate room damage costs.

  21. No personal equipment used in the student room or other residence hall area may be left on the campus when no longer being used in the residence hall. All personal equipment must be removed from the campus by the student and at the expense of the student. Campus dumpsters are not to be used for furniture, equipment, and the like. Violations of this requirement will be charged at double the then prevailing university disposal cost, based on volume. The minimum charge will be $75.00.

  22. Removal or tampering of window screens will result in a fine or penalty at the discretion of the Residence Life staff. This will be strictly enforced.

  23. The written trash policy stated in the Residential Hall Handbook will be strictly enforced. Fines and penalties applied to those in violation of these policies are at the discretion of the Residence Life staff.

  24. Storage of personal property and individual items will not be allowed unless a student has written approval by a Resident Director and properly labeled items in a storage room.

  25. All students requiring the accommodation of air conditioning due to medical reasons must adhere to the current Air Conditioning Policy and have a letter requiring an air conditioner on file at the time of application. Any violation of this policy may result in the cancellation of their on-campus housing status.