Emergency Communication System

Emergency Communication Service

Concordia University offers an emergency communication service for students, faculty, and staff. This service is provided on a voluntary, opt-in basis. This service will be provided through cellular telephones, using both text and/or voice messaging. It is the responsibility of the individual person to provide their cellular phone number initially and to keep it up to date.

The emergency communication service will only be used to notify students, faculty, and staff about the following types of urgent situations:

•   Health risk

•   Safety risk

•   Closure of facility

•   Cancellation or rescheduling of a course

The cellular phone numbers provided for this emergency communication service will not be (a) published in any directory, (b) will not be disclosed to anyone outside the university, and (c) will not be used for routine university communication with the individual.

Individuals can provide their cellular phone numbers for the emergency communication service through Concordia Connect. Once you have logged onto Concordia Connect, click on the “Home” tab and then the “Banner Self-Service” link.



•   click on PRIMARY PHONE to see the list of phone numbers.

•   add a new phone number with the phone type EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION SERVICE

You will receive an automated text message from us requesting your confirmation. When you receive the confirmation request text message, reply with the words “YES CUC” (without the quotes). This will put you on the list to receive future text messages from Concordia University. It may take up to a full business day after you have signed up to receive the confirmation text message.

If you lose the initial confirmation text message, you can still complete the confirmation step manually. To do this, send a new text message containing “SUBSCRIBE CUC” (without the quotes) to 23177 on your text-message enabled cell phone.

Note: this option will only work after you have signed up your cell phone number in Banner Web and received the first text message.