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Faculty Pursuits 2014


Dr. Daniel TomalDr. Craig Schilling and Robert K. Wilhite recently published "The Teacher Leader: Core Competencies and Strategies for Effective Leadership".

Dr. Daniel Bishop, GIP Division of Human Service, published an article on therapy approaches to help children caught up in high conflict divorce/separation situations.

Steinmann, A (Jan-Mar 2014). “What Did David Understand about the Promises in the Davidic Covenant?” Bibliotheca Sacra (Vol 171, pp. 19-29).

Beyne, S. and Schilling C. (2014, Spring) “On the Right Track: Aligning HR and Business Through Position Control Software.” Illinois Association of School Business Official's 'Update" magazine.


Dr. Kevin Brandon presenting a paper with co-authors entitled Collaborating to Connect Evidence-Based Assessment from Preservice to Inservice. At the Association of Teacher Educators meeting in February 2014.

Bishop, D. “Parental Conflict Impact on the Youth” presentation to the DuPage Counselor Countywide Institute Day February, 28 2014.

Owolabi, E. “Convergence of Institutional Research and Assessment in an Era of Data-Driven Decision Making” presentation to the Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference, Chicago in April 2014.

Ross, B. “The Mind/Body Connection: Why do I Feel and Behave the Way I Do?” presentation at a public forum at St. John's Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL in March 2014.


Dr. Elizabeth Owolabi received the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) 2014 Julia M. Duckwall Scholarship. This scholarship has a potential for a positive impact on Dr. Owolabi ’s professional development and will contribute to our institution and the larger field of Institutional Research. The funding is for her to participate in the 2014 AIR Annual Forum from May 26-30 in Orlando, Florida.

The Illinois ASBO Board of Directors selected Dr. Craig Schilling as the recipient of the Ronald E. Everett Distinguished Service Award.

On March 14, 2014 Dr. Heather Harder (GIP, Associate Professor in Reading and Literacy) was presented the Outstanding College Reading Educator of the Year Award by the Illinois Reading Council. The award was presented at the Illinois Reading Council Annual Conference held in Springfield, Illinois.

Dr. Pamela Konkol received an award for meritorious service from Biographical and Documentary Re-search Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association at the annual convention, April 3-7, Philadelphia.

Faculty Pursuits 2013


Dr. Paul Bucchi and Dr. Claudia Satin published: Bucchi, P. & Santin, C. (2013). “Leading and Motivating for Athletic Program Optimization", Journal of Contemporary Educational Leadership.

Dr. Yurmi Grisby published the following:

  • Kim, S., Micek, T., & Grigsby, Y. (2013). Investigating professionalism in ESOL teacher education through critical incident analy-sis and evaluation. International Journal of TESOL and Learning, 2(3), p.170-186.
  • Kim, S., Ates, B., Lee, G., and Grigsby, Y. (2013). Incorporating our own cultural narratives in TESOL Education: A reflective team approach by four TESOL educators. International Journal of Education and Culture, 2(3), p. 177-194.
  • Kim, S., Grigsby, Y., & Micek, T. (2013). Addressing professional dispositions for teaching P-12 English language learners: Why, when, and how. International Journal of TESOL and Learning, 2(2), 65-80.

Dr. Kathryn Hollywood and Dr. Claudia Santin published: Hollywood, K., Blaess, D. & Santin, C. [under editing]. “A Challenge for Higher Education: Preparing Competent Global Lead-ers,” Journal of Management Education: An International Journal. Common Ground Publishing

Dr. Claudia Santin published: 

  • Santin, C, & McDaniel, Heather (February 2013) "Strategic Planning in Higher Education: Key Points to Success,". Journal of Online Higher Education (JOHE).
  • Santin, C, & McDaniel, Heather (January 2013) "The Implications of a Shared Vision in Educational Institutions" Journal of Online Higher Education (JOHE).

Dr. Daniel Tomal and Dr. Craig Schilling recently published two books:    

  • Schilling, C. A., & Tomal, D. R. (2013). Resource management for school administrators: optimizing fiscal, facility, and human resources. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Education.
  • Tomal, D. R., & Schilling, C. A. (2013). Managing human resources and collective bargaining. Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield.

Dr. Craig Schilling wrote, “Reach your Potential:  Achieving Excellence through Goal Setting” for  the Illinois Association of School Business Official's 'Update" magazine Summer 2013 Issue.

Dr. Andrew Steinmann published:

Dr. Andrew Tawfik published the following:

  • Tawfik, A., Trueman, R., & Lorz, M. (2013). Application of the 3C3R method to design a biology problem-based learning environment. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 4(11-14).
  • Tawfik, A., Reiseck, C. & Richter, R. (2013). Project management methods for the implementation of an online faculty develop-ment course. In A. D. Benson, J. L. Moore, S.Williams van Rooij (Eds.), Cases on Educational Technology Planning, Design and Implementation: A Project Management Perspective (pp. 153-168). 
  • Hershey, PA. IGI Global.Tawfik, A. Belden, J. & Moore, J. (2013). Agile management of a mobile application development project for surgeon workflows. In A. D. Benson, J. L. Moore, & S. Williams van Rooij (Eds.), Cases on Educational Technology Planning, Design and Implementa-tion: A Project Management Perspective (pp. 252-273). 
  • Hershey, PA. IGI Global.Tawfik, A. & Keene, W. (2013). Applying case-based reasoning to support problem-based learning. Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 3(2), 31-40.

Dr. Suzanne Walsh featured: Walsh, Suzanne, (August 5, 2013) “Challenge Issued to River Forest Parents” was quoted in a number of Local Tribune editions across the Chicago land area in an article about exercising with your kids.  


    Mangan, M. T.  “An evidence-based school finance solution for Illinois” presentation to the Illinois State Education Funding Advisory Committee, Forest Park, IL  December 2013.

    Pederson, A.  “Digital Essay Assessment” presentation to the LEA convention, Milwaukee October 2013.

    Tomal, D. “Leading and Motivating Teachers,” presentation made at the Midwest Institute Conference, Lincoln, IL November, 2013.

    Tomal, D. “Career Readiness Assessment” moderated panel discussion at the joint IASB/IASA, IASBE annual conference, Chicago, November, 2013.

    Trisha Wickland (College of Education undergraduate student) and Dr. Rachel Eells presented “The Effect of Me-dia Portrayals of Teachers on Undergraduate Beliefs about Teachers,” at the Midwestern Educational Re-search Association annual meeting in Evanston., Nov. 2013.

    Heather Harder presented "Understanding the Media", Illinois Reading Council Communicator, Vol., (1). 2013.

    Bishop, D. “Ethical issues regarding care for the children in custody disputes” presentation to the Wisconsin State Bar in Door County Wisconsin regarding family law ethics for lawyers involved in divorce and custody cases around the interests of children, June, 2013.

    Bishop, D. “Child's Best Interest is more than just a legal mandate” presentation to the Wisconsin Walworth County Bar Association including judges, commissions and attorneys covering issues of child development and children in the legal system, July, 2013

    Bishop, D. (2013, July) “Ethics in Conflicted Parenting cases and the Child's Best Interest” presentation to the Wisconsin Counseling Association at the Annual Symposium in Madison Wisconsin.

    Dr. Kathryn Hollywood and Dr. Donna Blaess presented the following papers: 

    • At the 13th Annual Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations (June, 2013) in Vancouver, BC. The paper, “A Challenge for Higher Education: Preparing Competent Global Leaders,”.
    • At the Chair's Academy 22nd Annual Conference (April, 2013) in Phoenix, AZ. The paper, "Setting the Institutional Agenda: Building Capacity for Sustainability,".

    Dr. Kathryn HollywoodDr. Donna Blaess and Dr. Claudia SantinPaper accepted for presentation at the Fourteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations. The paper, “A Mandate to Change for Innovation in Higher Education, will be presented in August 2014, in Oxford, UK at the Said Business School and presented the following papers: 

    • “A Challenge for Higher Education: Preparing Competent Global Leaders.” Paper presented at the 13th Annual Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations (June, 2013) in Vancouver, BC.
    • “Setting the Institutional Agenda: Building Capacity for Sustainabil-ity.” Paper presented at the Chair's Academy 22nd Annual Conference (April, 2013) in Phoenix, AZ.

    Dr. Amanda Maddocks presented the following papers at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, April 27-May 1, 2013 in San Francisco:

    • “Assessing doctoral program partnership models and the preparation of candidates for dissertation research” to the Doctoral Education Across the Disciplines SIG
    • "Integrating the Research: Co-Teaching to Prepare Reading Specialists to be Specialists in Research” to the Professors of Educational Research SIG (With Dr. Dara Soljaga)
    • Additionally, Dr. Maddocks chaired sessions on “Research Quality Assessment and Outcomes for Teaching Educational Research” and “Methodological Issues in Survey Research”

    Dr. Thomas Jandris presented, “Creative Talent Training and Nurturing at U.S. Universities” and Dr. Marilyn Reineck presented“Academic Organization of US Universities: Authority and Responsibilities at the University and at the College Level”  to visiting administrators and faculty from Henan University, China, Jan. 30, 2013.

    Prof. Richard Richter presented:

    •  To the LEA (Lutheran Education Association) Convocation, Milwau-kee, WI, October 2013.
    •  With Ebbrecht, S., and, Smith, A. “Engaging the online learner”, presentation made to the 2013 Café (Concordia Adjunct Faculty Exchange), CUC, August, 2013.
    • “Servant Leadership”, presentation made to LEASA (Lutheran Education Association of Southern Africa), Pretoria and Durban, South Africa, August, 2013.
    • “Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century”, presentation made to the Department of Finance and Econom-ics, Tshwane University of Technology, July 2013.
    • 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration of Themba Trust, (October 5) Sinethemba Agri-cultural & Technical Secondary School, Vergelegen Farm, Dirkesdorp, 2013. 

    John Schnack, Dr. Andrew Tawfik and Richard Richter presented:

    • Applying project management to faculty development. Paper presented at Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. Madison, WI (2013)
    • What Drives Instructional Change and Instructional Design Quality? A Project Management Perspective. Paper to be presented Schnack, J. “Using an iPad/Tablet to Strengthen and Reinforce Processing Strategies”, Presentation made to the “Dynamics of Dyslexia, Cracking the Common Core”, Everyone Read-ing Illinois Fall Conference, Schaumburg, IL, October 2013.

    Dr. Andrew Tawfik presented: The effects of successful versus failure-based cases on argumentation while solving decision-making problems. Lecture presented at Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Anaheim, CA.

    Dr. Dara Soljaga presented the following:

    • "Preliminary Lessons: Language and Literacy Negotiation in a Sociocultural Context” with Dr. Sim-eon Stumme at the Concordia University Chicago and West Suburban Reading Council 38th Annual Reading Confer-ence, October 19, 2013.
    • “Lessons from Down Under: Literacy Learning from Australia, Part II” with Carolyn Koegler-Aloisio and Kristen VanLeeuwen at the Concordia University Chicago and West Suburban Reading Council 38th Annual Reading Conference, October 19, 2013.

    Dr. Andrew Steinmann

    • Taught from  March 2-10 at the LCMS center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia training native pastors in Old Testament as part of their ongoing training for service in Southeast Asia.  Dr. Steinmann engaged in this work at the invitation of the Luther Institute of Southeast Asia. He is willing to share pictures he has of Phnom Penh and of his work with the pastors.
    • Presented: "The Chronology of the Nativity" to the Cincinnati, Ohio Circuit LCMS  pastors on 1/9/2013"
    • Jesus in History" at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee on Tuesday (2/5/2013)
    • "Basic Old Testament Chronology" to Circuit 9W pastors of the Northern Illinois District LCMS  (2/7/2013)

    The following faculty members presented sectionals at the Lutheran Educational Convocation, Oct. 24-26, 2013 , Milwaukee.:


    Dr. Nancy Gibson was elected national President of ASCD ((formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development). ASCD has 140,000 members from 134 countries and 56 affiliate organizations. In March,  at the ASCD Chicago conference, she was seated as a Board member and President Elect. In March, 2014, she will become President and in March 2015 she will be seated as Past President.  

    Dr. Kathryn Hollywood received a 2 year appointment as a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Leadership Educators, the publication for the Association of Leadership Educators.

    Dr. Amanda Maddocks was elected Chair of the Professors of Educational Research SIG for the 2013-2014 academic year.

    Mariam Mazboudi, Chairman of the Recruiting for the Qualitative Research SIG at AERA.

    Dr. Daniel R. Tomal was appointed as member of the Editorial Boards for the American Secondary Education Journal and for the Journal of the American Technical Education for 2013-14.


    Dr. Andrew Tawfik received the Association for Educational Communications and Technology Outstanding Journal Article award for manuscript entitled “The effects of successful versus failure-based cases on argumentation while solv-ing decision-making problems” (published in Educational Technology Research and Development).

    Dr. Michael Whiteside was pre-sented at the Executive Mansion for the Cook County: Melrose Park, Silver Creek Beautification Projec  at the Governor’s Home Town Awards Nov. 5, 2013. The village and Concordia University are continuing efforts to preserve the creek as a natural and community re-source. The Silver Creek Monitoring Project was possi-ble due to an $8,000 grant that Dr. Whiteside was awarded from the Village of Melrose Park. Concordia students were involved as volunteers for the project.

    At the 2013 Annual Conference of the Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies, Suzanne Walsh received the Presidential Award. The award was in recognition of her valuable support of the mission of the Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies.

    On April 13, 2013, a research project authored by four Concordia University Chicago students and their professor was awarded the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) - Rocky Mountain Psychological Association (RMPA) Outstanding Paper Award. Former psychology professor Dr, Jeremy Houska accepted this award on the students' behalf at the 83rd Annual RMPA Convention at the Renaissance Denver Hotel. CUC Psychology students Janeisha Hood, Erica Lams, Cathy Wica, and Constance Netisingha co-authored this research project with Dr. Houska, and it was presented in poster form.


    Prof. Andrew Pederson’s original play Yellow Light was produced at Voices of the South Theatre in Memphis, TN January 10-26, 2014. His children’s play Chivalry Me Timbers! The Terrifying True Tale of the most Polite Pirates to ever Sail the Seven Seas will be produced at Lake County Lutheran High School in Grafton, WI in spring, 2014. In April, 2014 Prof. Pederson served as the Writer-in-Residence at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. He pre-sented workshop on playwriting and on comedy writing.

    Faculty Pursuits 2012


    Prof. Amy Barth made the following presentations at the annual Illinois Counseling Association conference in Springfield, IL., November 2012:

    • Wickman, S., Barth, A. L., Smith, K. J., Filmore, J., Klug, A., and Wambu, G. (2012). Constructivist Counselor Education: Beyond the Banking Model. Pre-conference workshop
    • Barth, A. L. (2012). My journey to the Beck Institute: CBT principles, model, and conceptualization.
    • Barth, A. L., and Standefer, S. (2012). Poster presentation: Termination is NOT a bad word.

    Dr. Patricia Hoffman & Dr. Lauren Wellen presented at the Northern Illinois District Lutheran Teachers Conference in Merrillville, IN. on Oct. 4, 2012.  The topic was “Is Your Curriculum Skewed or Is It SCEWD?”

    Dr. Thomas Jandris presented,“The role of leadership in disruptive innovation in higher education” to invited research faculty of Oxford and Cambridge universities at the Oxford Cambridge Club, London, England, on November 20, 2012. The paper has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the London Education Research Symposium. 

    Dr. Christopher Lilly presented "Secondary Literacy Coaching: Examining the Role of Content Knowledge and Literacy Processes to Facilitate Disciplinary Literacy Instruction," with Dr. Michael Manderino, Northern Illinois University; Dr. Phillip Michael Wilder, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Paula Di Domenico, Northern Illinois University at the Literacy Research Association's 62nd Annual Conference in San Diego, CA on November 28, 2012.

    Prof. William Pierros presented a workshop, "Comparing Apples to Apples: Teaching Comparative Politics Using a Structured-Focused Comparison Model" at the American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning conference February 8-10, in Long Beach California.

    Dr. Lauren Wellen presented at the Midwestern Educational Research Association Annual Conference in Evanston, IL on Nov. 7, 2012. The topic was “An Oral History of the Influence of Shirley K. Morgenthaler’s Wisdom and Works on Early Childhood Education.


    Dr. Pamela Kalbfleisch has been invited to serve as a member of the American Council on Education’s Women’s Network Executive Counsel for a three year appointment.  Dr. Kalbfleisch will serve as a liaison to state women’s network coordinators and as an advisor to ACE on issues related to advancing women in higher education administrative careers.  Dr. Kalbfleish previously coordinated the ACE North Dakota State Women’s Network for Women in Higher Education.  She noted, “I am delighted that I can now use this experience to help women nationally as a member of the ACE Women’s Network Executive Counsel.” 


    Emeritus Dr. Alton (Clark) Dubois, received the Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Recognition Award from the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education at the Annual convention Feb. 28-March 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida. This award honors colleagues who are near retirement or recently retired. Recipients are individuals who have been actively involved in AGHE through service on committees, as elected officers, and/or have provided leadership in one of AGHE's grant-funded projects. 

    Prof. Debra Herman recently concluded a five-year grant provided by the John and Frances Beck Foundation of Chicago to develop an art history curriculum for 1st through 8th grades called, Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories. This free, downloadable resource featuring eighty lessons is currently posted on the Concordia University Chicago’s website at The site serves current art education students, teachers in the field, school districts and homeschoolers. The art lesson site received 13,239 hits from August 1, 2011 to August 1, 2012 and have reached educators around the world. I hear constantly from people in religious and secular educational settings and homeschoolers who are grateful for this resource.

    Educators are extremely busy professionals who desire to provide their students with quality art experiences. Often times this includes only an art production experience. Understanding art movements and art in an historical context, combined with discussions around art aesthetics and criticism, are essential content to maximizing a full art experience beyond just art production. Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories provides accessible, quality lessons that presents a story both of the artist’s life and a featured work of the artist.