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Student Ministry Leaders

  • more Ashley Tucker, Spiritual Life President

    "I am so excited to lead SLCM this year! Through Christ, this is going to be a year for the books! God is doing big things at Concordia University Chicago!"

  • more Jennifer Becker, Vice-President

    "Concordia offers so many awesome opportunities to learn about Christ and grow in His Word! Spiritual Life’s teams and leaders strive to reach out not just to Lutherans, but every individual on and off campus. God has blessed each of us with talents and abilities;...

  • more Mason Vieth, Ministry to Concordia Coordinator

    "I am thrilled to be coordinating ministry opportunities and events for the students, faculty, and staff of CUC! My goal for the 2014-15 Academic year is to Connect People to Christ. I hope you will join me on this journey!"

  • more Margaret Jones, Ministry to Chicago Coordinator

  • more Ted Fischer, Ministry to the World Coordinator

    "Ministry to the World provides incredible opportunities to cross cultures, borders, and other boundaries. The bridge that spans these boundaries is Christ's love--love that is meant to be shared with all people of all nations! Events and activities hosted by Ministry...

  • more Jason Becker, Small Group Ministry Coordinator

    "Small groups provide an awesome place to meet people, learn about Christ, and grow together in faith. Whether leading or attending, you will have a great time! Small groups can include Bible studies, book studies, prayer groups, discussion groups, topical studies,...

  • more Emma Otto, CYM Coordinator

    "What’s great about Concordia Youth Ministry? SO many things! Concordia Youth Ministry, or CYM, is a dual ministry; that is, it’s here for both students and for youth in the community. As a member of a CYM team, each week you will meet together for some awesome team...

  • more Emily Longman, Women’s Ministry Coordinator

    "Women's Ministry provided such an important support system for me as a freshman this past year. I have seen the amazing ways in which God works through His word and fellowship with others on our campus, and I look forward to seeing that in new ways through Women's...

  • more Aaron Boyer, Men’s Ministry Coordinator

    "Men’s Ministry at Concordia serves men as they follow Christ. It’s a straight and narrow road, and we won’t be stopping to ask for directions—we’ll find everything we need, law and gospel, command and promise, right in God’s Word. I’m excited to meet and serve you and...