University Honor Code

Since its beginning in the Fall of 2006, each student has had to sign our Honor Code pledge at the time of registration for classes.  The code states:

"As a student of Concordia University, I pledge to uphold an academic honor code that supports serving and leading with strong personal integrity.  Specifically, this includes not cheating or using inappropriate or dishonest means in the completion of academic requirements. This also includes not giving unauthorized assistance to others.  I understand that it is my responsibility to comply with this honor system."

Any student, staff or faculty member may report an infraction to the Director of the Honor Code System.  If you have any questions regarding the use of acceptable or unacceptable aids particular to each course, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor or the Director of the Honor Code System. A printable copy of the University Honor Code can be found online.

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For more information, contact:

Katherine Heetel, Director
Honor Code System
Addison 131