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Concordia University Chicago will be offering fully online eight-week session courses this summer for undergraduate students. You will be able to access a variety of fully-accredited courses conveniently from any place, anywhere, anytime. Learn how to register today!

Undergraduate Courses:

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Gangs and Society – CRJ 4650
A look at gang structure and social control agents and whether gangs or a symbol of moral decay or rational response to our current cultural and economic system.

Intro to Sustainability – NSCI 1980
An introductory interdisciplinary study of the natural sciences as they can be applied to the concepts of sustainability. Concepts and history of development and the origins of concerns about sustainability.

Media & Technology in the Classroom – EDUC 1070
Overview of educational technology. Explores strategies for utilizing appropriate technologies in K-12 classrooms.

American Government/Politics  POS 1100
Various components of American constitutional government and political life: its origins, the institutions of the Congress, the executive-presidential branch, and the courts with an emphasis placed on America's Constitutional Christian tradition. 

Child & Adolescent Psychology – PSY 4125
Physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual development from Kindergarten through high school. Developmental patterns and educational/family implications identified.