Correspondence Study (Self-Paced)

Through its Self-Paced/Correspondence Study program, Concordia offers undergraduate college instruction for credit in keeping with approved standards for such work.  The courses parallel or are identical with courses of the same title and number offered on the Concordia campus.  The same general standards apply, both as to course content and the quality of work expected from the student.  The courses are prepared and directed by members of the faculty.

Courses are divided into a number of lessons.  As a rule, a three-hour course consists of twenty lessons, a mid-term and a final examination.  In most courses, the syllabus supplements the text and reading assignments with additional subject matter or analysis by the instructor and detailed instructions for study.  Each lesson embodies a series of questions and assignments to test the student's method of study and understanding of the subject matter.  Some type of written report or its equivalent must be submitted for each lesson. 

The instructor will read the student's paper carefully, critically evaluate it, and return it with such comments, suggestions, and advice as may be necessary.  Students are invited to ask questions and seek any assistance which may be needed to achieve mastery of the course materials.  Instructors welcome inquiries which can help them to develop insight into the problems facing the student.

Correspondence study is highly personalized since the student learns as an individual, not as a member of a group.  The work can be challenging, stimulating, and demanding.  It tests the student's initiative and perseverance.  It develops his or her self-reliance, independence of thought, and expression.  As in the case of all education, the student will profit from the experience in proportion to the time, thought, and effort put into it.


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