Women's and Gender Studies

Looking for a well-rounded interdisciplinary education? Are you passionate about gender issues? Do you want a degree that will keep you involved?

if you answered yes to these questions, the Women’s and Gender Studies program at Concordia University Chicago could be a perfect match for you - a uniqueprogram focused on academic analysis within a faith-based context.

Program Overview

The first program of its kind in the Concordia University System, this interdisciplinary major explores gender as a theory and as a practice. The program intersects the women’s and gender studies discipline with psychology, sociology, art, media studies, communication, history, political science, theology and a range of other disciplines.

The core faculty for our program are housed in multiple departments and are all trained in women’s and gender studies in their respective fields. The scope of our program also makes it a perfect minor for many majors here at Concordia-Chicago.

General Course Information

If you major in Women’s and Gender Studies at Concordia-Chicago, you will take two required fundamental courses. You will also take courses in your desired area of specialization, such as art, psychology, sociology, history, English, communication or philosophy.

Our courses strongly encourage using your critical thinking skills to participate in discussion and analysis on gender roles, while examining how these issues impact society.

If you minor in WGS, you are required to take Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, a popular general education course in the College of Arts and Sciences. As with the major, the rest of your coursework will consist of individualized study in an area of interest to you.

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog pages.


Each March, Concordia-Chicago hosts a series of events in honor of Women’s History Month. For instance, our faculty artists who exhibit their work nationally and internationally have showcased their work at a special Women’s History Month exhibit at the University’s Ferguson Art Gallery.

Throughout the year, our faculty host lectures and panels where you can meet speakers and contribute to discussions and give a presentation, including nationally renowned speakers such as Dr. Jackson Katz and Dr. Cynthia Enloe.

Each year, we also partner with Dominican University to host a Women’s and Gender Studies Conference for students and faculty to present and discuss current gender issues in society. Presentations have explored feminism in Jan Karon’s novels and Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre”; analysis of St. Teresa’s “The Interior Castle”; theories on gender stereotypes; gender issues in counseling; and more.

Course Offerings

Women’s and Gender Studies Courses 2012-2013


COM 4340 Gender and Sexuality in the Media

ENG 2200 Nonwestern Literature

PSY 4620 Psychology of Gender

SBS 1970 Diversity in American Society

SOC 4420 Marriage and Family

SOC 4640 Globalization and Human Rights

SOC 4645 American Social Movements

SOW 4000 Introduction to Social Work

SOW 4200 Social Welfare Policies and Services

SOW 4210 Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice

WGS 2100 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies


Jan Term:

WGS 4910 Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies



ART 4430 Fiber Arts

COM 4250 Intercultural Communication

ENG 2200 Nonwestern Literature

PSY 4505 Human Sexuality

SBS 1970 Diversity in American Society

SOC 4140: Sociology of Health Care

SOC 4425 Sociology of Gender and Sexualities

SOC 4910 Gender, Crime and Prisons

SOW 4000 Introduction to Social Work

WGS 4100 Principles of Women’s and Gender Studies


Concordia University Chicago Women’s and Gender Studies Program. 
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Career Possibilities

Curriculum Specialist
Mental Health Worker
Community Advocate
Domestic Violence Advocate
Research Assistant
Not-For-Profit Executive
Arts Fundraiser
Web Developer
Museum Educator
Policy Analyst
Marketing Coordinator
Professional Artist