Sociology Department and Criminal Justice Program

Sociology is the study of social life. It focuses on the interactions of people and institutions, and their influences upon each other. If you’re fascinated by the behavior of people in groups or in society, sociology is a major you should seriously consider.

Sociology contains a number of specialty areas including social inequality, race and ethnic relations, urban studies, social movements, law and justice, marriage and family, gender, sexuality, culture and more.

Why study at CUC?

 A CUC bachelor of arts degree in sociology provides a solid liberal arts foundation and real-world skills. Employers look for graduates with investigative skills and the ability to work with diverse groups. Sociology students acquire a sociological perspective, develop critical-thinking skills and practice scientific inquiry. Many students who choose sociology as a major go on to careers in law, business, education, government, social work and counseling.

All full-time sociology faculty members have doctorates in sociology. They also have considerable real-world experience that allows them to bridge theory and practice in the classroom setting. You will benefit from one-on-one interaction with your professors.

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  1. Several popular classes focus on research providing students with opportunities to conduct original work under the guidance of a faculty member. Recent research projects have focused on the homeless, the dynamics of congregations, family interactions, labor unions, the assimilation of minority groups and criminal justice.
  2. Students pursuing a Criminal Justice degree will obtain an interdisciplinary experience, rooted in the social sciences, which incorporates theory and practice. Students are able to tailor their degrees by enrolling for courses in sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy and social work.
  3. SPRING 2014 Homelessness in Chicago As Chicago becomes increasingly incorporated into the global economy, homelessness has reached unprecedented levels. On any given day, thousands of Chicagoans lack access to the basic requirements of food, shelter and clothing. Dehumanizing living conditions and the daily possibility of death threaten their physical and psychological well-being. The Speakers

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