Art Department

If you thrive on creative expression through art, you may very well find your desired major in the Department of Art. Our department has the outlets you’ll need to explore your creativity—from our strong curriculum, Ferguson Art Gallery's visiting artists program to student art exhibits across campus. Concordia’s location near downtown Chicago provides access to world-class museums, galleries and internship opportunities.

Art Department Purpose Statement

The Art Department integrates the University’s liberal arts education among our general student population fostering appreciation and critical awareness for the visual arts and provides quality professional training to our visual arts majors, minors and art education students.

Art Department Core Values

Nurtured community;

Respect for students;

Education of the whole person;

High academic standards;

Critical and creative thinking skills;

Discipline-Based art education (art aesthetices, art criticism, art history and art production);

Cross cultural diversity;

Chicago as classroom;

Regular curricular evaluation and improvements;

Servant leadership.

Art Department Critical Targets and Goals

Critical Target: Student Recruitment and Retention

Recruit, retain and graduate academically competent and diverse art students;

Critical Target: Curriculum

Provide a progressive and rigorous curriculum with experiences that ground students in the visual arts holistically, increases individual creativity and cultivates critical thinking;

Critical Target: Interns and Teacher Candidates

Offer challenging professional work experiences for our interns (studio art, graphic arts, arts administration) and teacher candidates (methods courses and student teachers);

Critical Target: Partnerships

Foster Partnerships with stakeholders that will increase the art program support and visibility;

Critical Target: Increased Resources

Strengthen viable physical, human and financial resources and maintain accountability to the University;

Critical Target: Ferguson Art Gallery

Foster art appreciation and critical and cultural awareness by showcasing the works of established and upcoming Chicago-area artists;

Critical Target: University Art Collection

Develop, preserve, restore and exhibit the University Art Collection.


  1. Do you enjoy expressing your creative side through art? Are you fascinated with art history? Does using art in a business or helping profession appeal to you? The Studio Art program at Concordia University Chicago focuses on the many aspects of art ranging from history to painting to desktop publishing, and prepares you for a career that uses your artistic expression.
  2. Are you interested in showing young people the value of art in their lives, and helping them explore and develop their artistic talents? Concordia-Chicago’s Art Education program will teach you a variety of learning styles related to art production, art history, art criticism and art aesthetics, as well as sharpening your skills in studio processes.
  3. The Graphic Arts program at Concordia University Chicago combines both good designing skills with the technical knowledge to excel in the publishing and printing world.
  4. Concordia’s Visual Arts Administration degree develops an exciting range of skills to create a well-equipped individual who will excel in culturally rich art environments and organizations such as museums, art galleries, art agencies, educational institutions, commercial arts and public art. The administrative aspect will help you build relevant management and leadership skills to serve both
  5. Welcome to Concordia University Chicago’s link to Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories, a tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. Recognizing visual cues in a work of art as well as being aware of the times and conditions in which an artist lived enables students to better interpret its imagery, draw conclusions about its effectiveness, and speak critically about the art.

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