Visual Arts Administration

Do you have a passion and appreciation for the visual arts and an interest in the business aspects as well? Do you see yourself organizing and managing art events? Or, would you like to learn how to run your own business as a studio artist?

Program Overview

Our program is intended for those wishing to pursue a professional path in a museum, gallery, arts education facility or not-for-profit organization. You will build relevant management and leadership skills to handle essential areas such as marketing, fundraising, operations and financial management.

Our art faculty members are experienced artists and art educators who have a vested interest in providing a quality art program. As professional artists, they continue to produce their work on campus, exhibit their work locally, nationally and internationally and are active presenters at conference sand workshops. Art faculty members are committed to the transition from college to employment. 

General Course Information

You have the option of earning a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of science degree in Visual Arts Administration.The difference between the degrees is the required courses you will take. With the bachelor of arts degree, you will take more core classes that focus on art. You will also take business courses to ensure you receive a well-balanced education. With the bachelor of science degree, you will take more business core courses in addition to your art courses.

In order to gain real-world experience through the course of study, you will be required to complete a Visual Arts Administration internship. You will work with our faculty to find an internship that best suits your skills and interests.

For details about required courses and more, please visit our online catalog.


The city of Chicago is an extension of our classroom as artstudents visit the many world-class art museums, galleriesand public art such as:

  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Museum of Contemporary Art 
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
  • National Museum of Mexican Arts
  • DuSable Museum

Few cities in the world can boast as many large, mid-size and small organizations as Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Our location and unique arts and business relationship swith many of these groups offer hands-on practical intern experiences that are exclusive to our students.

Many of our art majors and minors are involved in our active Art Club where they have monthly gatherings to learn about new processes, order pizzas and host “studio night,” critique their art, attend a Chicago gallery opening or museum, or invite a guest artist to speak.

The Ferguson Art Gallery, located in Kretzmann Hall, hosts professional exhibits of living artists who offer lectures for the campus and community to learn more about their inspiration. Special exhibitions and artist lectures are celebrated on campus throughout the year.

CUC’s Business Club links business concepts learned in coursework to the business community through educational opportunities, professional events and real-world experiences. Business Club members benefit from networking, speakers who help with financial future and job placement, leadership development and more.

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Career Possibilities

Art Buyer

Gallery Owner


Art Historian

Community Center Administrator

Art Librarian

Educational Director


Donor Relations Coordinator

Museum Program Director