Kathy Gebhardt

Asst Director of Athletics

Kathy earned a Master of Science in Sports Management from St. Cloud State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Concordia University Chicago (CUC).  Kathy began working at CUC in 2003 as the Head Coach for Women’s Volleyball and Softball.  She then took on the leadership position of Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) in Athletics in 2008.  A primary responsibility as the SWA was to develop and oversee the CHAMPS program for the student-athletes.  The CHAMPS Program provides resources and opportunities for self-assessment, academic assistance, and professional preparation.  Kathy worked to bring NCAA approved speakers to campus to speak on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition, time and financial management and personal development.  She helped monitor the academic progress of student-athletes and collaborated with the coaching staff and the Director of Athletics to ensure student-athletes obtained the support they needed to
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